Episode 07 Triton 13in Planer Thicknesser

Episode 07 Triton 13in Planer / Thicknesser

The Triton 13in Planer/Thicknesser is an interesting addition to the range of Triton power tools.

It is a 2.5HP, 8000 RPM (16000 cuts/min) 330mm x 150mm (max size of stock) thicknesser. It has some quite unusual features that are worth noting. There is a cutterhead lock which provides extra stability for the cutter head by locking onto the 4 uprights, active dust (chip!) extraction, and a planing height gauge which gives an indication of how much material will be removed before passing the stock into the thicknesser.

This video isn’t intended to be an instructional one on the specifics of thicknessing stock (that will be done down-track), but hopefully it will give you a fair idea about what the Triton thicknesser is all about.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Stu, you’ve had it for a while now – any further comments on it? How about the 15″er?


  2. Hi Rob,

    The 13″ still seems to work fine – haven’t noticed anything that would change my observations to date.

    I’d still be very tempted to go with the 15″ model though – it is almost double the weight, has those extra 2″ which is absolutely invaluable when you need them (as I did just recently 😦 ) and it can take the moulding blades which although is probably better on a Spindle Molder, this can do both jobs, and I think the extra $300 or so would be worth it.


  3. Hi Stu
    Thank you for your review, I am looking for blades for my 13in Triton Thicknesser. Here in South Africa I cant find anything. is there any other place or link to help.


  4. I have the 12 inch model, but the front of the work piece has about 4 inches cutting undersize, it tends to dig in at the start of the cut before cutting parallel.

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