Blogs, Stats & Searches

Out of interest, I have been keeping an eye on the stats for this site, and in particular, the search terms that are used to find it.

It is really motivating to see that so many are legitimate hits – seeing the search that was done that found this blog, and that the surfer decided that the Google summary was enough to indicate the answer was here.  This combined with that I know that what I have put here probably answered their question, and more often than not, by video.  It really encourages me to continue to make posts and talk on subjects of interest (and that I know something about), knowing that down track, someone is likely to be rewarded with an answer to their question.  A bit Charlie Brown I know (wishy washy for those that are not Charlie Brown fans), but there you have it.

If the answer was not here, you need further clarity, or have a related question, do post a comment, or use the links to send in an email – I’ll generally reply within 24 hours (if not faster!)

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