New Mantlepiece

Wish I could say that I actually made this mantlepiece from scratch, but sadly I can’t. It is pretty much exactly the design I was planning on duplicating, but when I was offered the real thing for $30, I couldn’t refuse. (Update – I found the RRP for it when I saw one in a hardware warehouse recently – $230! Scored an absolute bargain!)

It has been waiting a long time for me to get around to finishing it, but finally, it is in place. I added an extension on the back to fit the opening in between the brick uprights (biscuit joined), and stained it with a Wattyl Professional Jarrah stain. Finished with matt Wattyl Estapol (sprayed).

Mounting – I dynabolted a block of wood to the bricks (about 900mm long, 220mm wide), then used “No-More-Nails” to glue the mantlepiece to the underlying block. I used this glue for its strength, and gap-filling properties, as I had no way of ensuring there was little to no clearance between the two. The mantlepiece was ‘clamped’ until the glue cured, with 2 Irwin clamps set as spreaders, pushing on the ceiling, and onto the top of the mantlepiece.

Hopefully, this mantlepiece will stay in place a little longer than the crap job the original builder did (with a few 50 cent sized dollops of glue and the original mantlepiece affixed (if you could call it that) directly to the bricks.)


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