Triton Sharpener Now Available!!

Some of us have been waiting a while for this one – good looking tool at a great price point. (RRP $199)

My planes, and knives, will finally love me again!

A video review will be available in the very near future.


What the Band Saw

There is a massive range of powertools (this is referring to floor and bench mounted tools, not hand-powertools) that you can fit your workshop out with, and often it is very confusing (especially when starting out) to know what you need, vs what looks useful, but will gather dust.  This is also very, very subjective, and the variables include, but are not restricted to:

What sort of woodwork you do/are planning on doing, space, budget, time you spend in the workshop, preference for darkside equivalent tools ((non powered) handtools to the uninitiated 😉 ), knowledge, skill etc etc

Here is my (as I said, highly subjective) list, in suggested order.

Tablesaw (can be entry level, but be prepared to upgrade in a few years if the passion grows)

Router Table (the absolutely best way to use a router!)

Bandsaw (yes- the bandsaw is number 3 – hard to know just how useful a bandsaw is until you have one, and then realise your workshop now revolves around it!)

Drill Press (floor mounted if possible, unless you can turn your benchmounted one around to get max height when needed

Thicknesser (Planer if you follow the US naming convention)

Planer (Jointer if you follow the US naming convention)

Linisher / Disk Sander / Spindle Sander

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