Timber Health Hazards

To quote the experts “In Australia all wood dust is now classified as carcinogenic (liable to cause cancer) This list has been compiled to give woodworkers a little bit of an insight into the potential health hazards posed by some of the timbers that are used.”

This site & list has been put together by U-Beaut Enterprises and is an excellent reference for (Australian) Woodworkers in particular.

While you are there, check out the range of finishing products and related accessories at http://www.ubeaut.com.au Have no doubt- you will hear more from me about their products (there is hardly a job I do that doesn’t include finishing with one of their superb range.) I believe their products are starting to be seen on shelves in the US, UK and Canada, and they are definitely worth seeking out.

New Yankee Workshop Returns!

Good news for Australian cable TV subscribers – NYW is back.

Just got the following email from Foxtel:

Hi Stuart,

We are just writing to inform you that the New Yankee Workshop is officially coming to the HOW TO Channel.  It premieres Wednesday 26th September at 8:30pm, with a replay on Sunday afternoons at 5pm.  Until then you should also check out a new HOW TO Production Luke’s Workshop which will also be on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm premiering the 15th August.


The HOW TO Team

(Now we are) Cooking with Gas

Just over 1 month, and already over 2000 visits 🙂

Hope to see you again (and again!)

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