Episode 06 Bandsaw Circle Cutting

Episode 06 Bandsaw Circle Cutting

Bandsaws have always been great at cutting curves. With a simple jig, perfect circles are a breeze. This video demonstrates this homemade jig, and also briefly shows some minor mods that I have made to my 14″ Jet Bandsaw to keep the tyres clear of sawdust.

6 Responses

  1. Hi Stu
    Late sat pm I cut the table top using your jig, it worked perfectly, 345 rad circle.

  2. Greetings Stu,

    Thanks so much for continuing the video and changing the blade instead of editing the video. I do not own a bandsaw yet and have never seen anyone change a blade on one. Now I know the importance of the slots, pin, etc on the table. Also, the inside/out thing is interesting.

    The circle cutting jig idea is great too.

    Thanks Stu for all you are doing for woodworkers everywhere. Great contribution.

    A faithful viewer. (Even if I’m a little behind in my viewing.)


  3. Thank you for making something so simple.
    I have one arm and do extemsive woodworking as a hobby so I am always looking for simple jigs.
    Thank you

  4. Well, Stu, I have worn out my first blade on my Sears 12″ band saw, and have really produced nothing very commendable. Part of the problem is that that Sears machine came with a 1/2″ blade that is impossible to get very close turns from. Sears did not sell any other size blade for this saw, until recently, apparently. The rest of my problem is a total lack of experience and knowledge on the proper use of a bandsaw.

    Recently, I have ordered a 3 blade combo for my 89-1/2″ machine. 1/8th, 1/4th and 1/2 inch blades. So my first self taught lesson is going to be to try these blades out to see just what the smaller sizes can do,

    The new blades should be here in a couple of days and the first assignment I will be to try out the circle cutting jig from your video.

    If there are any lessons you present along these lines, I would love to see them.

    Joe Zorn
    Schriever, Louisiana

    • Hi Joe,
      There is a little more info about bandsaw blades on here, but it a good point – will look into adding some extra content about the different types of blades, and the different roles they play, and their different capabilities.

  5. thanks for ur circle cutting jig looks simple & effective, i have a problem , i am trying to make a jig so i can cut a circle with a 70 cm radius. would you have any idears on how i could do this. i’m trying to make curved segments all the same size & shape in order to fit them together & make a wagon wheel as a piece of garden furniture.

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