More New Tools from Triton

Must be all go down at Triton, as 2 more tools have just been released:


The Triton Mitre Saw TMS184

$199 inc GST




The Triton Angle Grinder TX100

$99 inc GST

It may seem a bit unusual – an angle grinder from a woodworking tool manufacturer, but keep in mind, there is also the Triton Steel Cutter, which works brilliantly for what it was designed for (cutting up to 50mm steel stock, cold, without lubrication, and without any serious HAZ (heat affected zone)), and the angle grinder obviously complements that. Also, I am quite partial to the Arbortech Pro4 Woodcarver, which is designed to fit an angle grinder, so then the angle grinder definitely becomes another excellent woodworking tool!

Time Does Fly

Wow – been a week since I posted last – oops!

It has been busy though – family, work, and the entire weekend was taken up teaching the woodworking course at Holmesglen. It is a pity that it is only the occasional weekend (not that I want to fill my weekends up any more though!) as it is something that I really enjoy, and I get paid for it as well!

It is really rewarding seeing the ‘students’ on the course going from not really being sure about what they are doing at all, and watching over the course (sic) of the day that confidence growing and how much they start really enjoying what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong – the first 1 1/2 hours are spent on safety and setup, so that confidence is well grounded.

So to the students who came along – hope you had a great time, learned plenty and are ready to really start enjoying your woodworking. Keep safe, and thanks for an excellent weekend.

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