Episode 04 Triton Router Plunge Spring

Episode 04 Triton Router Plunge Spring

The Triton Router is an excellent machine, very powerful with lots of innovative features built-in.

Table mounting is this router’s forte, and some features are built into this router to optimise using it in table mode.
A plunge router uses a spring to counteract gravity when using the router handheld. When the router is inverted into the table, you don’t need the spring combining with gravity to make the job any harder. The Triton router is designed to make spring removal and replacement an easy task, and this video documents the few quick steps required.

7 Responses

  1. hi.
    can you please tell me where I can buy a 2400w triton router,. cheers

  2. Having done much searching I too would like to purchase a Triton 2000W (2400W) router. Alas, Carbatec do not have any stock nor do they know when new stock will arrive.
    e-mailing Triton two weeks ago produced deafening silence. Is there a message in that?

    • Hi Gerold,
      Not sure if the email address you may have used is valid (or has been for a few years) for Triton. Did you email Triton.com.au, or GMC, or the current distributers for Australia?

      I’m expecting to have some interesting news on this score in the very near future, making Triton very easy to access again. Can’t say more until I get confirmation, and the green light to discuss.

      • Thank you for your reply Stuart.
        I have left two messages in the contact us box at Triton UK after selecting Australia for the country. So far no reply. The Triton.com.au initially starts with United Kingdom as default. I have changed it to Australia then selected: contact us. However, there is no Verification Code so one can not send a message.
        I have been unable to find any contact details for GMC tools.
        The above is for your information only and not a complaint.
        I hope you have more luck and look forward to hear from you.

  3. Not sure what is happening in the UK. Triton was taken over by GMC, who then went belly-up, taking Triton down with them. However, since then new owners have come onboard who then used Carbatec as the distributors in Australia. There have been more changes recently, but I am expecting Carbatec will still be supplying Triton machines and therefore I’d hope they’d have more stock of the routers.

    There may be more stockists in the near future.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the overview. I just purchased TRA001 for my router table. In getting it ready to put on my table I removed the spring and was somewhat surprised how much force it had coming out. However, now that the spring is outI am unable to move the router down to enable to have the collet near the table top. I’m not sure why. I just doesn’t move. Any suggestions?

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