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  1. Looking good Stuart.
    I am impressed with the podcast. What sort of canera are you using . I have a compact shed that could possibly rival yours for clutter

  2. I use a Canon – bit of an older model now – single CCD, although it has great low-light capabilities. MVX-200i. Records to Mini DV, although in the very near future I am going to change to recording directly into the computer – eliminating a couple of steps, and a lot of time!

    I normally run the footage through Adobe Premiere Pro, but this time wanted to see what Final Cut Express was like. Not as good, but then that is comparing a $150 program with a $1500 one. Might try Final Cut Pro next, and then hopefully my copy of Adobe Master Suite will arrive. Looking forward to that!

    As to shed clutter – it all breeds, but mine has reached critical mass – any larger, and it will become self-aware!

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