Spotted – The New Triton Spindle Sander

Found this image on the US Triton website……


……which I have been interested in seeing since I heard about it a-ways back. It is hard to tell how large it is from this photo – it is a bench-top tool, and there isn’t any mention of it on the Triton website as yet, however, I have found out the following specs:

420Watt motor, with a no-load speed of 2000RPM. It does approx 60 oscillations/minute with a 16mm stroke. It weights 14.6kg, and has a 370mm x 290mm tabletop.

It has 6 sanding sleeves, from 12.5mm to 75mm diameter (I’ve rounded these from their imperial measurements, so don’t rely on them exactly)

Update – this is now available in Australia – $249 inc GST

Another Update (26 Aug 07)

I now have one of these – very impressive it is too!  Video review will be available soon.

Surprise – A New Triton Electric Planer

I was having a bit of a look at the US version of the Triton website, and found something unusual, and unexpected


Triton 3 Bladed Electric Planer

A 3 bladed Triton electric planer. The reason it was unusual was that this is the one available in Australia, and the only one listed on the Triton website:


Triton 2 Bladed Electric Planer

There was one other thing that stuck out for me. The US version of the electric planer looks a little like this one, down to the magnesium drive-belt cover:


GMC 3 Bladed Electric Planer

I am not sure if the new 3 bladed planer will be available in Australia or not. I can say that I have used both the Australian version of the Triton, and the GMC version, and have found that: overall, I prefer the 3 bladed one – it has a 3mm depth of cut vs 2mm for the Triton, and it feels like a superior build. The Australian Triton despite being 2 bladed seemed to result in a better finish, but the primary use of these tools is bulk material removal, so the difference in finish is not such an issue.

The 2 bladed Triton is no easier or harder than any other planer when fitting to the Triton Planer Attachment, but I found the 3 bladed design very difficult, and decided it was not worth the effort.

I have no idea about the price differences – and there isn’t any indication on the Triton website if the 3 bladed Triton is coming to Australia, and how it compares in design/manufacture/price to the GMC version which is already here, and is priced very competitively.

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