Shed Dichotomy

I have a real love-hate relationship with my shed at the moment. It is awesome to have one, but sometimes it is a real fight to actually produce anything in it.

It really is an imbalance in the space:tool ratio – I have too many tools packed into too small a space. It means every time that I want to use a tool, I have to move all the stuff off it onto another tool (whether that be the router table, the planer (jointer if you are American), the workcentre, the lathe. Couple that with a gross lack of time to do anything about it, and the rapidly mounting piles of sawdust, and the frustration levels peak very quickly.

When the speed of onset of that frustration is so fast as to occur before even entering the shed, you know there is a problem that has to be resolved.

So what is the solution? Decrease the number of tools? Sure, that would work – I could even buy more handtools with the money (given they take so much less space than their powered equivalent). But is that going to happen? Not a chance!!! So, guess the only solution is to balance the other side of the equation. The shed must grow – both outwards and upwards! I don’t know over what timeline, or with what finances, but somehow, this needs to happen.

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